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Helping Business People Just Like You.
Tax Strategies For Growth
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Helping Business People Just Like You.
Keeping Your Business On Track
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Helping Business People Just Like You.
Preparing for a Business Sale or Exit.
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Helping Business People Just Like You.
Timely Tax Advice for Professionals
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Helping Business People Just Like You.
Tax Strategies for Investments

Your partner in business.

We specialize in business accounting, advisory, and tax services.

And more. Way more.

Going Beyond Tax Compliance.

Our focus is to provide the strategy for business tax and accounting services for small to mid-size businesses in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We believe there is much more to accounting and taxes than simply filing returns.

Good tax planning should always include the big picture and be relevant to strategic business growth, tax efficiency, and exit scenarios.

If you’re looking for a tax professional to help your business in the upper Midwest, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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Cardinal Business Advisors


We're here to help your business grow.


There is actually only one sure thing in business: owners exit their companies. Being intentional about this inevitability allows you to walk away on your terms. We can help develop, plan, implement and deliver your desired outcomes.

If you are getting your tax return in mid-April or mid-October with a surprise amount due, it might be time to take action. We push to meet with business owners both mid-year and after the 3rd quarter to go over plans, options and outcomes.

Will you be buying a business? Selling a business? These are items that need tax planning strategies. Let our 45 years of collective experience help guide you from business formation and start-up, to an exit by sale, succession or retirement. 

Thinking about buying a business but having a hard time understanding all the numbers the seller and banker are sending your way. We can help make sense of this and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Growing your business by acquiring another business can be a great strategy, but knowing when, who, why and how takes a focused strategy and a solid plan. Furthermore, the success of an acquisition is always in the transition, which again takes strategy and planning, but it also takes people. We can help during your business acquisition transition.

Cash flow and profitability are not always in sync, especially if your business is growing, uses inventory or allows customers 30 days to pay. Being able to project low points in cash flow will ensure the widest range of options when that time does come. We can help develop a system that allows you to take your cash management to a whole new level, or we can manage this process for you.

We make outsourcing your bookkeeping, payroll and other accounting services affordable by using technology that eliminates much of the mundane data entry. This allows us to manage by exceptions while insuring the numbers are right, meaningful and useful.

our staff

Meet your advisors.

Martin Dikkers | CM&AA, CEPA, MBA, CPA

Partner + Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor + Certified Exit Planning Advisor

Martin has the rare combination of being able to relate to both the emotions and the numbers side of business, possessing a BA in Psychology and an MBA with an Accounting emphasis. In his career he has worked with 100s of business owners...

Brittny Cloutier

Partner + QBO Pro Advisor

Brittny holds a BA from UW-Madison in Business Management and French.


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Mary Scott
Founder & CEO
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Mary Scott
Founder & CEO

Our small team is doing  big things.


Helping Your Business Succeed.

We specialize in helping all types of business and across many industries; manufacturing, professional services, contracting, construction and more. We utilize technology to focus on the big picture.

 Contact us for a free initial consultation to see if we’re the right fit for your business.




Answer – it depends on your situation, but most often an LLC can do everything you need it to do, while forming a corporation can be more restrictive for small businesses. Talking to an advisor about your options is a great first move

Answer, of course! compliance reporting is something every businesses needs done and needs done correctly. We just think that if all that work is getting done to keep taxing and other authorities happy, you may as well get some other benefits from the activity that help you position your business to get what you want out of it.

Answer: Yes, we do bookkeeping and payroll using software platforms that automate as much as possible in order for you to keep your costs down and for us to focus on the bigger picture. If you prefer to do things on paper, we may not be the best firm for you.

Answer: We might all be a little tired of Zoom meetings, but they still have their place, as do phone calls. Sure, face-to-face is preferred in our office, and we will do what it takes to make that happen. We do have clients all over the united states, and no one has ever complained about how much attention they receive.